Contextualisation is about showing the relevance of the gospel — not making the gospel relevant.

Mark Driscoll, A Call to Resurgence p.226

Rethinking Halloween

Every year as October 31st approaches I can tangibly feel the nervousness (maybe even fear) that some of my Christian friends hold towards Halloween.

And I sort of understand why. If Halloween had existed back then surely the Son of God would have shunned such a celebration of darkness?

It’s hard to imagine Jesus in a vampire costume.

So in response to this many families and churches put on alternative parties for their children — devoid of any trace of ghosts or ghouls — wanting to take an alternative stand to something so clearly incompatible (as the argument goes) with God.

And others I know just turn the lights off and go to bed early to firmly avoid any kind of association with this ungodly event.

But is that really how we should respond?

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